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Pay Day

Genre: Comedy
Year: 2018
Grade: B
Staring: Baaj Adebule, Orwi Manny Ameh, Aiyeola Bisola
Storyline: Just before best friends and flatmates Paul and Ortega renew their yearly rent, their Landlord dies very suddenly, and seemingly without any heir apparent. The young men seize upon the unfortunate but good opportunity to 'enjoy' a little. They go on an expensive night out. The Landlord's daughter "Segilola Ogidan" turns up the following morning and gives the boys 24-hour notice to pay up or quit. They embark on an overnight scheme to recover the rent.
Runtime: 1:50:36
Producer: Orwi Manny Ameh
Director: Cheta Chukwu
Country of Production: Nigeria
Movie Prequel:
Movie Sequel:
Languages Avalaiable: english

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